Standing Committees

All Community Area Trust standing committee members are appointed by the building boards. Each building has one position per each committee (two for Club West) The committee elects its own chairperson. The six standing committees are empowered to spend monies budgeted; their duties are as follows:
  • Clubhouse Committee - Regularly reviews the usage and operation of the clubhouse and pool to ensure that maintenance and space utilization meet the needs of owners and the management office.  Reviews rules for use of facilities and recommends necessary changes.  Develops and regularly updates a comprehensive plan for usage, decoration, and furnishings.  Review budgetary requirements for board approval.
  • Communications Committee - Reviews and recommends methods of communication between the CAT Board, management and unit owners.  Oversees the publication of a newsletter and the Oak Brook Club website.
  • Finance Management Committee - Provides oversight of the financial health of the Oak Brook Club and makes recommendations to the CAT Board with regard to financial operations including budgets, accounting methods and procedures, insurance, and investments.  Develops short and long-term plans for implementation by other committees or as directed by the CAT Board.
  • Grounds Committee - Establishes policies and programs for quality maintenance and enhancement of the grounds, including lawns, flowers, plantings, ponds, paths, fences, and lighting.  Inspects grounds regularly and recommends items for CAT Board review and action.  Provides budgetary requirements to the Finance Committee. 
  • Safety & Security Committee - Oversees the safety & security of the Oak Brook Club and provides the CAT Board with recommendations for improvements.  Participates in reviews for changes in safety & security services or operations, including contracts and equipment.  Makes recommendations to the CAT Board and boards for changes in rules, regulations, and policies pertaining to safety & security.  Reviews and updates the Emergency Disaster Plan Manual and ensures that the Building Emergency Disaster Teams are informed and trained.  
  • Technology Committee - Studies and recommends the implementation of technologies to improve operations or reduce operating costs at the Oak Brook Club.  This committee regularly reviews the bulk television cable and internet contract and gatehouse operations for improved efficiencies. 
If you are interested in becoming a committee member, please reach out to the property manager or your association board President.